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My Fertility Doctor wrote me a referral to my General Doctor that I needed a Hysteroscopic Polypectomy. My General Doctor wrote a referral back to my Fertility Clinic thinking they do it at my fertility clinic. Through a couple of phone calls I got it straightened out and my General Doctor referred me to Metro Obgyn clinic.

I asked the nurse on the phone why must I visit with this doctor when I already have been diagnosed with a Polyp, why do we have to have a visit where I go there and they say you have a polyp we have to take it out and then stuff I already know because I watched it on youtube already. She said nobody can have surgery without consultation first. I was then snapped back into reality and went yeah I guess not. I just want to get this ball rolling again and keep it going. It sucked having the cancel my first cycle at the last minute.

I saw the grey haired old doctor, he was kind and took the time to explain things to me about my gynecological history that no one ever explained to me before. So basically he said they will put me out but not the deep kind of out, I forgot what he called it and then they would take it out it out through the use of a hysterscopy and a D&C. The stupid thing was that the clinic only sent the follicle studies from the ultrasounds and the not ultrasound of my polyp. So I actually told him how big it was, so dumb.

I was a bit bummed because I wanted to watch on the screen them taking it out but instead I will be out. Hopefully they will show me a before and after pic of my uterus so I can rest assured that I’m all ready to go for a baby. My mom is spending the night and going with me to my surgery because they don’t let you have it or let you leave if you dont have someone to accompany you.

Now I have to go have a pre-op visit with my General Doctor to see if I’m healthy enough for surgery. So silly they cant do it there quick. Im glad all these visits are covered by my insurance, because it doesn’t cover the fertility stuff and these visits are adding up.

That’s all. Its gonna be in two weeks. We see how that adventure goes…


Yesterday I was almost ready to trigger shot. Today I found out how good my lining was. Also found out today that I have a polyp in my uterine cavity. Doctor called and said I should get a Hysteroscopy Polpectomy either before next cycle starts if I don’t get pregnant from this cycle or cancel this one and do  the polyp removal surgery as soon as I can.

Now I stopped my cycle. She thought that was the best idea but I had the choice. Knowing that polyps can keep the eggies from sticking, or if they do stick it could cause a miscarriage, I made the choice to stop the cycle. She informed me that my polyp was pretty big, kind of the size of a big grape and it was taking up most of the space in my uterine cavity. The measurements for the polyp were 21x12mm in centimeters it was 2.1×1.2cm.

I know that not all polyps have to be removed to get pregnant and stay pregnant but she said this was a big one. I don’t have very much money to try many cycles two for sure three or more maybe. So I can save my donor sperm for a different cycle for a better outcome. I dont really want to get pregnant and then misscarry if I can try to prevent it. When the time comes I’m going to take Prometrium Vaginal Pills to also help the eggies to stick and not miscarry.

My mom is financing all of this. It’s kind of hard because she is my mom and not a partner or spouse, so I don’t know how she will react to things. I know she loves me but I worry about the money and our relationship. So I told her all the news and she was relieved and all happy that they found the polyp and wants it out of me, and she doesn’t care about the money for the three ultrasounds that I had. She doesnt think they are a waste she thinks it caught a polyp and if I never tried to get pregnant I would have never known. Big relief having my mom’s support. Polyps have a very small chance at being precancerous I have read, I dont know too much about it. So I’m actually at peace as long as I quit googling getting polyp removal.

Makes since now, why a over a year ago I was having spotting for two months straight. My OBGYN didn’t want to check it out with a procedure cuz it is a painful procedure so she recommended taking birth control first to see if that corrects it. Well I took the birth control for so many months and then stopped and the spotting stopped. Some people never hae symptoms of a polyp.

I have another chance at a month of trying to eat better and lose a couple of pounds and getting more stress free and stuff, you know like exercise. Don’t know if that will happen but I have another month or so of trying to prepare. But for tonight I made a pot of coconut coffee all for me to drink!!!!! I get to forget about my ovaries and lady parts for a bit and just rest. I’m watching True Blood a vampire tv series.

I know a lot of people’s fertility stories are infertility stories with a lot more hardship, but I still need a place to vent and share and have buddies to encourage me on my way as I also encourage you and listen to you.

I wrote this exhausted I might come back and  fix it, but not feeling like it. Good thing grammar has nothing to do with all this trying to get pregnant.


CD 13 Ultrasound. Came in yesterday for my CD 12 ultrasound. Have any other people came back to back when the numbers are close to check things out?S

So my endometrial lining just in one day shot from 7.8 to 10 something with a great feathering. She actually said I had a great feather bed in there for the eggs to snuggle in. Yay. Happy Happy Happy Feeling. Not very much changed in my three follicles.

Ultrasound technician was measuring something and she said this is what they were trying to measure yesterday, I’m like what are you talking about. And she was like they didn’t tell you and I’m like noooo. She said I had a endometrial polyp and was measuring that, she said it was 2×1 I thought she meant mm but later I found out she meant cm. She said that it is lower in my uterus cavity so It might not affect implantation. What. Not feeling totally devastated.

Technician leaves. I get dressed. Technician comes back in and ask me to change rooms. I was like yeah ok, but does this mean your busy and need the room or are you taking me to a bad news room. She just said it’s because we are busy. Changed Rooms.

Nurse comes in and ask how are you doing, and I said I thought I was doing great but now am not sure.  I’m like nobody told me I had a polyp yesterday. I got a phone call yesterday afterwards saying next cycle if I don’t get pregnant I would get a saline ultrasound. Why is she talking about next time, what is this polyp and what can it affect.

Nurse told me that the uterine lining lays on top of each other collapsed like but when they fill it up with saline they can see the uterine cavity and then would be able to clearly see the polyp. So everything else looks great and I probably can go ahead with the IUI, but we would have the doctor look at it and see what she thinks. And that only the Doctor could answer my questions thoroughly. She just went on and on trying to reassure and apologize and explaining how she will have the doctor call me. It finally hit me and I started tearing up. The nurse was like oh now I made you cry. What’s going on. I just tried to say that everything has been going so good and i didnt have and high expectations and getting all the good news now this happened and it’s just hitting me, and its hard because im doing this by myself and here by myself. Got the tears out. And then changed gears and said besides the polyp everything looks good and fertile and she said yes.

Now I wait for the Doctors Call…..

CD 12 Follicle Ultrasound

Right Ovary: Follicle measurements 18 & 14

Left Ovary: Follicle measurement 14

7.8 Lining Measurement

Nurse Came In all Cheery, saying she had to think a couple of minutes with what to say to me. To have me wait a few days and then trigger so the little guys could catch up and give me a better chance at pregnancy or to trigger now with the one mature one so we dont get multiples.

Good problem. She told me to come in the next day and get another ultrasound and see how things grew. She said if anything would change they would call me and tell me to skip the next day visit and trigger tonight and come in friday.

Got a new cell phone. Even though my number and minutes were ported over I still had to set up the voicemail. Wish I had known that. I got a missed call and no message. Do I have to trigger or not trigger what do I have to do. The clinic is about to close. Called twice got redirected to the nurse line twice. The nurse message said after this time they get back to you tommorrow. Panicked I called the clinic again and told them that, the lady said ok wait a second and put me on hold. Im like damn did they transfer me again to the nurse’s line. Finally they tracked down a nurse and put her on the phone. She looked at my chart and said that my doctor said yes to me taking progesterone after IUI and that If i dont get pregnant this cycle they want to do a Saline Ultrasound and check things out better. Im like why did you call I thought your were suppose to call me only if I needed to trigger. She said the doctor just wanted you to know that.

Hmmm. Whatever something felt off. I will just go in tomoorow and get another follicle and lining check…….Why were they talking about my next cycle, did they already think it wasnt going to work. What’s going on.

First Baseline Ultrasound

20170410_112318 (1)

So Monday I had my first baseline ultrasound. I don’t have any known fertility issues nor have I been trying to conceive until now. I am single and plan to do IUI. My period this last week was heavy for two days and full of clots. I looked it up on the internet and I was sure I had tons of fibroids up in there. I also looked up ultrasounds so I could read them a little bit too.

The ultrasound tech was like this is your uterus, this is your cervix, now lets look at your lining. I finally interrupted and said so I don’t have any fibroids and she said I don’t see any. I was blown away and a huge smile came across my face and I said I might actually get pregnant and she looked at me not knowing what to say. I did have a cyst by my ovary that she wasnt concerned about because it was on the outside and not touching anything. So im going to just take her word for it.

So even though im 38 in june, it looks like my hoo-ha and all its working looks good. I had around 8 follicles on the right and around 10 on my left. It took awhile for her to find my left one which she said was common because of anatomy. Mine decided to hide behind my uterus. She said it would be easier to see when the follicles grow.

So I bought my fertility meds. It was 160 dollars for 5 pills of letrozole and one shot of Ovidrel. Wowzers. I didn’t look around to find cheaper prices. I just went to the one closer to the clinic that they said they know they stock fertility meds always.

Took my first pill yesterday night and my alarm went off five minutes ago to take my second one. I had a spinal manipulation at my chiropractors. I came home and napped. I woke up with a headache. Not sure if it was the chiropractor or the fertility med. Since I have been going to the chiro for the last two months I havent had any headaches. So not sure if it was the adjustment or the meds. I don’t know if I am allowed to take anything for it. I dont know if that affects my lining.

I had my ultrasound yesterday and already last night I had a pregnant dream. Right now I am mostly peaceful and hopeful and happy for my go at this. My mom is paying for my IUI and all of that and she said she could afford two rounds and maybe three. So here’s hoping for the best.


Prolactin Levels

Normal Levels 0.0-20.0 ng/ml

First Prolactin Test 3/7/2017, results 35.3 ng/ml

Second Prolactin Tests 3/21/2017, results 20.1 ng/ml

So annoying .1 over the normal level, just to irritate me. I faxed my results from my Clinic to My Fertility Clinic. Havent heard my doctors reaction yet and my CD1 is probably happening overnight tonight, started to get a bit of a period today but not fully. So hopefully I still can get my baseline ultrasound and get this party started.

Causes of higher levels of prolactin not ranked in order of levels… Stress, Benign Pituitary Tumors, Pregnancy, Breast Feeding,  Breast Examination, Orgasm, Certain SSRI Meds and other Meds.

Number one thing, My Doc forgot to tell me that I need to be fasting when I take the test. So that probably was the main help of lowering it the next time I got it drawn.

….However I did refrain from breast examinations and Orgasms the second time taking it!!!! It was hard.

So from my limited reading you don’t want high levels of prolactin when TTC because it can prevent ovulation, or the egg from sticking, or miscarriage. The progesterone level might not get high enough for good lining. Some Women have to take progesterone suppositories to be able to keep the baby in the beginning.

I was talking to my Male therapist about this and he was like you know the suppositories are vaginal suppositories right? I laughed hard and was like I didn’t know there were such things and that makes a lot more sense now. LOL!!!

I’m going to have to be on my doctor about all these things, I don’t have a lot of money to get it right eventually down the line. One disadvantage about not knowing how to track and learn my cycle I dont feel like I can be a good spokesperson. They said that since they are triggering my Ovulation that I dont have to have OPK tests at home, but IM going to do it anyways because I dont want to miss it by chance if I have it earlier.

New Year, New City, New Apartment!!!




New Year, New City, New Apartment!!!

I moved to Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota’s state Capitol. I live in an 100 year old renovated shoe factory. I love my new loft apartment!!! It’s a little bit bigger than my old apartment. I have really high ceilings with one cement pillar. One brick wall with 9 feet tall windows almost taking up the whole wall!!! I haven’t gotten around to really decorating my place yet, so no great pictures.

I wanted to move here because of the art district here. This last October a month before I moved I participated in the St. Paul’s Art crawl. It was a huge step for me, having a booth and a partition wall for all my art. It was a lot of work and a bit nerve wrecking but I guess I enjoyed it still!!! Lol! I want to take part of it again but maybe only once a year.

Even though its only a one bedroom I can see myself living here with a baby up until the child is around five and then try to move into a two bedroom here in this apartment. I don’t want to move again anytime soon even though its in the same building!!! Who knows maybe I will change my mind. Every once in a while I picture my make believe child sitting at the table and think about where his or her crib will be and those dreamy little moments. I can almost picture some of it then fear kicks in!

I for the last three months along with my Psychiatrist have been decreasing my meds once a month to get ready to get pregnant. Were not taking me all the way off. She believes that healthy happy mommy on meds will have a happy healthy baby and the chance of meds hurting isn’t worth the risk of mom’s wellbeing harming the baby’s health.

#notmypresident #pussygrabber #rapeculture

15032334_1795076920767983_6979467364120692060_n#notmypresident #pussygrabber #rapeculture Ok I have been joking out of my madness about President Elect Pussy Grabber, trying to let off steam. But I also realize how this is triggering and sober for many women. I have never been raped, I guess if im honest and not going into details I was very close to being raped enough that it was traumatizing, but besides that what I have had is two men in my life Grab my hooha when I didnt give them permission. One was someone I knew in bible college and one was overseas in a park by some stranger in romania. It was pretty much horrible and violating. I guess I was just so used to it and jaded and as much as pussy grabber is offensive and triggering for some reason calling him out and using that horrible name pussy grabber feels empowering.

A Month Ago…


“Reminder My plan is to eventually have a monitored IUI while on meds using a sperm donor because I’m single.  I am 37 years old and never tried for a baby so it doesn’t mean I am necessarily infertile just because of my age.)

A Month ago today I had my first Fertility Visit, havent gotten around to blog about it until now. When I walked out of the elevator into the waiting room I paused before going up to the front desk to check in and I felt wobbly and dizzy. My body was like are you sure you know what you are doing, and my body responded yup I know that’s why I’m shaking. Because  having a baby is what i want,  onward I went to the desk. I looked at my mom and said this is really real now and Im kind of dizzy. She smiled at me.

When I sat down finally in the waiting room there was a TTC or Pregnant Mom smiling from ear to ear the whole time and when you would make eye contact with her whole face lit up even more. Again I felt the fluttering and weakness.

My mom and I met the doctor. She told me basically everything I already researched online but clarified a couple of things for me. It was good for my mom to be there because she hasn’t did any studying up on it. I hate  that my mom had to fork out the money for that first visit that I felt I didn’t really need and especially not for that much money. Oh well. Didnt have to talk too long because I’m not necessarily infertile I just want to have an IUI with Donor sperm. Basically I already had my AMH done and it was 1.3 so that was satisfying for her at my age and anything over 1 is good unless it’s too high. She doesn’t seem that concerned. I just have to have my prolactin checked and Im good to go. There’s another test to be done if I want to pay for it, its expensive as hell and its to see if my tubes are blocked. Other than that she said I can call when I have my period and we will start the process. I was shocked at how quick everything could happen.